Winter Resting

Bitter cold and snow and then a recent warm chinook to melt and lay bare. This is the season for resting, and contemplating, inner growth while the outer is hibernating. We’ve had some… Continue reading

PermaCulture ~ Revisioning

Permaculture is … … a holistic design system for creating sustainable human settlements and food production systems …the harmonious integration of landscape and people, providing food, energy, shelter and other needs in a… Continue reading

Aquaponics REboot

Worked on my aquaponics system this weekend to get it ready for another growing year.  Cleaned out all the old dead material (including the huge tomato plant still growing in the window). I… Continue reading

The Dark Season

It’s been almost a year since I last posted. We have continued on in much the same vein…. chickens, gardens, herbals and nature. There have been some changes to share. This summer I… Continue reading

A Sunny Imbolc

While we’ve had a week of very cold weather, following a couple weeks of very mild springlike conditions, it has turned cold again.  Never-the-less, the sun is starting to regain control.  Days are… Continue reading

Growing in January

This time of year, the sun starts to shine brighter (I’m sure the reflection off white snow helps) and I get the urge to grow.  So… my indoor aquaponics is working well and… Continue reading

Holiday Update

Lots happening around here over the holidays.  A warm spell the week before Christmas allowed us to get the tarp up on the roof of the barn.  So far it is doing well….… Continue reading

Winter Solstice ~ Yule at Our House

The shortest day of the year….. mid-winter.  From here, the days begin to grow longer.   We usually celebrate with a more traditional meal and a Yule fire, where we burn the Yule… Continue reading

Gardening at Solstice

As the light wanes (we get sun-up here around at about 9:15 these days and the sun drops below the hills at around 3:30), I feel the need for “dirt” and “green”.  … Continue reading

Heading for Solstice…

We are definitely nearing the shortest day of the year.  Yesterday afternoon between 3:30 and 4pm I went out and took these photos…. It has been REAAALLLLYYYY cold here for the last week or… Continue reading