Winter Solstice ~ Yule at Our House

The shortest day of the year….. mid-winter.  From here, the days begin to grow longer.   We usually celebrate with a more traditional meal and a Yule fire, where we burn the Yule log.   (This was from a dead limb cut from the apple tree in front of our place in Lion’s Head.)   DSCF8491This year we had a lamb roast, winter veggies and mashed potatoes.DSCF8496This year, I also got my winter sowing started with four sets of seeds;  Seeds of Remembrance…. I didn’t have any Dianthus ~ Sweet Williams (I will for next year), so I planted Sweet Peas in memory of my Grandparents.  Seeds of Life….. I planted milkweed, both common and swamp, sent to me from my friend Wendy in Owen Sound, to help the Monarch butterflies survive.   Seeds of Trees…. Elderberry, Winterberry and Black Chokeberry.  And finally Seeds of Faith…..  buddleia and datura, both flourish in warmer climes…. we shall see.

DSCF8503 And we also open one gift each.   After supper, Alex and I set up the Christmas tree.  Usually we are getting at it quite a bit earlier than this.   Ah well.  Better late than never.

We have been doing our usual reading each night (and opening those little boxes of candy in countdown for Christmas.)  Won’t be long now!!  Alex get’s most of the candy but he shares on the bigger boxes.DSCF8509

I made the little boxes out of old Christmas cards….. one for each day of December.  We’ve been celebrating this way for a few years now…..   although he’s old enough that we no longer get the “how long until Christmas”.

Planning a turkey dinner for Christmas…. it is my favorite meal of the year.  And Mark plans to roast some chestnuts and make up some mincemeat tarts for dessert.   I will likely make a pumpkin pie also.   Yummm……

Weather’s been warmish for the last week or so…. chickens have been out during the day.  But it’s supposed to turn cold and snow by Christmas day.   Settlin’ in for winter!!!