Growing in January

DSCF8567This time of year, the sun starts to shine brighter (I’m sure the reflection off white snow helps) and I get the urge to grow.  So… my indoor aquaponics is working well and things are coming up.  But it is slow….. by DSCF8571mid-Feb growth will accelerate.  So far… radishes, chard,    1 pea plant, onions, beets and different greens, mostly garden cress, and a few spinaches and lettuces.  I’m planning to expand the system by adding grow beds on those top 2 shelves…. but I’m having trouble finding the 34″ x 10″ patio planters that I need. (I can see them behind bolted doors under storage out in the garden areas of the big box stores, but I can’t get to them…. how frustrating!!!)

DSCF8554The first week of January we had some bitterly cold weather.  I’ve fixed up a couple of under-the-bowl heaters for my chicken water.  So far it is helping to keep them at least ice-free during the day. (I still need to empty them at night because with temps dipping down to -15 or colder, those 40watt light bulbs just aren’t doing much).  I used that expanding foam spray to put down a 1″ insulation layer inside the tin and it seems to be working much better….. I think chickenFEEDERit forces the heat upward where it can actually keep the water from freezing.  Last year, my bulb kept blowing.  I think it was spreading the heat too thin.  So I’m looking for a couple more tins so I can make up a couple more.

I keep finding new ideas on the internet for feeders and water.  I think I’m going to try something like on the right… maybe for waterers too.  (Keep out the crap and keep them from dumping it over).  Uses 4″ elbows stuck into the container.  I’m going to see what I can find at the dollar store this week for containers.  I know where to pick up the elbows!

And I will leave you with a sunset that I spotted on my way home last week.