A Sunny Imbolc

While we’ve had a week of very cold weather, following a couple weeks of very mild springlike conditions, it has turned cold again.  Never-the-less, the sun is starting to regain control.  Days are lengthening at both ends and it just SEEMS warmer.  The plants in my indoor aquaponics are growing… slowly.  Even with supplemented light, they aren’t coming on too quickly.  But they are GREEN!!!

DSCF8590 DSCF8594  And the tomato plant seems to be enjoying it’s DSCF8573window view…. just no blossoms yet.  My wintersown jugs (those I’ve finished so far) are happily resting under a blanket of snow.  I have another set of seeds ordered (should be here by the end of the week) that will more than triple the number of jugs I have out.  Still lots of winter left here for them to enjoy.


Even the fish seem to be enjoying the warmth of the sun (if there is any down there in the water?)

Earlier this month we had record setting highs.  One day last week it was +17. I was working outside near the barn and ended up down to my turtle-neck…. jackets and sweaters all removed…… it MUST have been warm!!  The snow was almost gone…. up until Saturday.  Now we have a fresh layer.  It’s actually a good thing.  Our soil needs that moisture for the next season.

DSCF8576There’s been a fair bit of fox action around the farm lately.  Tracks going all around the barn, sussing out all the openings to see if any of them are easy pickins.  So far, no damage or entry that I can tell.  We even saw the fox hunting in the field yesterday. Coco (our sheltiex dog) is out today and barking up a storm.  That usually helps to keep it away for a few days.

…… And the tarp roof is holding well on the barn.  So things inside are dry and safe.  DSCF8578It holds snow for a few days until a bit of wind comes up and lifts the centre.  Especially on a warm day today when there’s a bit of moisture underneath, it just slides right off.  Good on the NW side of the barn.  Not so good on the SE side where the chicken pen is.  Then I have to go in and shovel out the pen.  The chickens are very particular about not walking in the snow.  Fussy chickens!!

My new hens (4 barnvelders hatched last summer) are starting to lay.  I’m currently getting 6 – 12 eggs per day.  Lots to keep us ahead.  I soon want to be more intentional about figuring out exactly which hens are laying so I can cull some later this spring.  And… that little fridge sitting out in front of the barn is destined to become an incubator.  Not quite time for it yet… but soon!

Spring is in the air…. even if it is – 14!!