As September Wanes….

Today Mark and I took a walk down to the Little Red Deer River.   (Well he walks most every day… today I went with him).  We took the route along the top of the ridge and followed the loop of the river.  It was a lovely fall day here in Alberta… windy, but still warm enough.  The sun even came out part-way through our walk.









Since I covered the calendula during the snowstorm, (and frosty nights since), I’ve been able to still collect a few blossoms here and there.  My jar of dried petals is over half full!!

DSCF8321   When I went to put the “lid” on my cold frame this morning (before we left) it DID NOT FIT!!!  Darn!  I don’t know how I mismeasured so badly, but it’s going to take some effort to get it the right size…   Oh well…. back to the drawing board.  (So no pics to show for it yet!!)