Indian Summer

Since the snow melted, we have had unseasonably warm weather.  Go figure!  I have been able to get some work done outside…. cleaning stuff up in preparation for winter.

Last weekend I got the strawberries transferred into the new bed.  It’s amazing how much it has already settled in a few days.


Mmmmmm….. strawberries next spring!!  I also picked up several large pieces of glass from Calgary (old shower doors).  Workin’ on a couple of cold frames to grow some winter veggies.  Pics soon!

On Tuesday, I drove up to Edmonton for the day.  I love driving home through the countryside in the evening with the sun low in the sky and the long shadows and the golden light making the trees glow.




It’s quite interesting to me…… in the past (as in when we lived in the west before) I really missed the colours of the eastern forest this time of year.  For some reason, now I just feel we live in the most beautiful place.  I don’t know what has changed my perspective? Guess it’s a good thing to be happy with what you have/where you are, rather than wishing for something else.