Back to Normal ~ Mid-Fall

The weather has been sunny and the temperature above normal (for this time of year) for the last week.  The snow has completely gone, leaving behind lots of downed limbs and flattened plants.  DSCF8235

Last Sunday I cleaned out half of the chicken coop (I have it divided into two pens) in preparation for another winter.  All the old “litter/manure” goes out into the garden bed for composting.  The chickens enjoy scratching in it more once it’s outside than they did when it was inside.  DSCF8239

All cleaned out and fresh shavings layed down.


The pen underneath is where the silkies live for the winter.  That hen on the far side is saying…. “hey, what about us”.  I will finish up in a week or so, once the other garden bed is emptied.

I put a layer of nice soil on top of the sawdust in the bed and am planning on moving my strawberries over from the other garden.  Then I’ll be able to fill the other garden with the sawdust/manure from the other side of the chicken pen.

Still lots to do here before winter hits.