VACATION and harvest

This week we spent 4 days at Waterton Lakes National Park.  Here are just a few of the pics I took.

DSCF7928 DSCF7957


DSCF7965DSCF7993 DSCF8038 DSCF8098 DSCF8118DSCF8161DSCF8175DSCF8198It is a beautiful place to vacation…. not too many people cluttering up the trails (although we did go in early September after the summer rush was done.

And…. we arrived home to this.

DrPhibesFEATHERS feathers

All in all, we lost five chickens while we were gone.  Dr. Phibes (the white silkie rooster), Millie (our little mille fleur hen), the broodie wyandotte hen, the young barnie rooster/chick, and Rusty, my only Welsummer x hen.  We think it was the neighbour’s dog, since she’s been over here every day for the last 2 weeks.  Today, she (the owner) came over to say that her dog brought home a white chicken yesterday.  Guilty as charged.  But she wasn’t willing to say that it had killed 5 of them.  Ah well…. such is the life when you free-range chickens.

And now to harvest…..  last rhubarb of the season.

DSCF8206    And I picked the sage to dehydrate…… right down to the last leaf.


Looks like I have a bit of powdery mildew going on.  Had to discard quite a few leaves.   I will keep picking calendula petals until they are dead…. We are supposed to have snow next week.  Trying to figure out how to cover them to protect them a bit longer (so I can get a few more blossoms).

And we press on towards the Equinox.