Chick and Water Lily Update

First look at the new chicks.  There are 3.  If the forums are correct, they will all be females because they have the “slash” through their eyes.  (When I go back and look at old chick pics, it’s true.  The boys have cheek patches or are more solid brown while the girls all have the eye slashes.  Time will see if this is correct.

new chicksIt wasn’t a great hatch.  There were quite a few duds and one that had trouble (and the rest just disappeared…. eaten, I’d guess).  The three at the front / left are the ones that hatched.  The one in the middle got partly hatched, but the egg membrane was too thick and it got “stuck”. It is dead.  The other four I picked up and listened to and there is no peeping or anything. So either they didn’t get fertilized properly, or they died part-way through the process.  Two silkie cross eggs and 2 Copper Maran eggs. I will dispose of them later today.

dudsThe older chicks are getting quite big.  They wander all over the place in amongst the other hens and roosters.  Not sticking too close to Mom.  I’m betting that she will soon leave them to their own defences.  There are definitely 2 roosters….. like teenagers squawbling.

scrappy teensMy plan is to get the pen underneath the big BLRW’s cleaned out this weekend and move them in so the new chicks and their hen can go out into the little house on grass.

This week I took a LOT of pictures of the moon.  This one I was particularly happy with, although my camera can not seem to get clear moon shots showing the craters and such.  This is the best I will get.


Transplanted my ‘Firecrest’ water lily this morning.  It has been really struggling (for some reason that I can’t really figure out).  Very few (smallish spindly) leaves and no blossoms.  So I went to Bearberry Creek Water Gardens and picked up some “real” water lily soil.  I’ve been using plain clay cat litter as my “soil” for years.  It has always seemed to work well when supplemented with pond tabs.  But for some reason this particular plant just can seem to get going.  Hopefully, now with new soil and slow release fertilizer it will get a decent root system before fall so it makes it through the winter.  I’ll keep it in that separate “pot” also so the fish don’t get at it.  And it will warm up better that way also… hopefully to promote root growth.



First bloom on the ‘Black Princess’ water lily.  Love that colour!!  More blooms coming.DSCF7783