Mid-Spring – Vernal Equinox

Yes, yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, but we have Scouts on Wed nights and we don’t have the chance to eat much in the way of supper (grab a quick bite and run).  So tonight, we are having roast duck, in celebration of the Equinox.

The sun is quickly warming things up and I am in the mood for planting!!

I was given some money for my birthday.  And this is what I came home with!!  Image

Even though it was chilly out on Sunday (-5º with a wind chill), I still had to set it up.  This is what it looked like on Sunday afternoon before I started…….


And here’s what it looks like today.   It took me about an hour to put it up and once I was inside it was alot warmer out of the wind.  I’ve pulled one of the 100 gallon stock tanks inside (see the upside-down one that’s still frozen to the ground) and filled it up to try and get some warmth in there overnight.  I also plan to put a bunch of painted milk jugs in there to try and retain some heat.  So far (in the last couple of days) it has been going down to 1 or 2º above the ambient temp outside.  Two nights ago that was -10º, last night just around 0º.   So I’m not quite ready to get plants started in there (although I am thinking about it).  Next week it is supposed to be sunny, so that really warms things up once the sun comes up from behind the hill in the east.


(Nice red table/bench inside huh?  I’m planning to paint the front of it black so it’s not so garish). It is small (it will be squishy in there), but I hope I’ll be able to get a bunch of perennials going in it (and maybe eventually some tomatoes and pumpkins).  I was also able to pick up a plastic shelf at Home Depot yesterday and a bit of wood to fix up a potting bench over the pond (I already have a bunch of scrap wood that I got for free, so I just need a few bracing pieces to do the work).  I need to run the cord in under the bottom (but it was too cold and snowy to do it when I set things up…..  warmer now, and melted some) also.

I am soooooooo anxious to get stuff growing.  I found this handy dandy seed starter database, which I have downloaded and pulled into XCel.  I am sure I’ll be refining it for quite a while as I find more information, but it’s a great tool to get things started.  By plugging in your “last frost date” and counting back, it’s easy to get a good idea of what to start in which order.

So this weekend I plan to get the greenhouse completely set up (including something on the floor/ground so I don’t have to continually walk in a puddle) and ready for ACTION!!!  Bring it on!!!  Big ideas for the garden this spring/summer/year!  Lots of flowers, herbs and veggies to come.