Expanding the Flock

At the end of our letterboxing vacation (you can read all about it here), we stopped at Grandma Art’s to pick up 3 silkie chicks.


Well, supposedly, you can’t sex them that young (3 weeks), but it hasn’t taken that much observation for me to know that the white one (Dr. Phibes) and the largest buff one (Black Spot Pete) are roosters.  They are already sparring with each other in a quest for dominance.  The other two ~ the smaller buff silkie, Mz. Puffit and Reep-a-cheep (our lone easter egger hatch) totally ignore them and go about their own business.  So…. we’ll see if I get a broodie hen.  That is my hope!!!

Reep-a-cheep is looking rather scraggly.  Her feathers on one wing are misformed and stick up in the air rather than laying flat on her wing.  I don’t know if it has something to do with the hatch or what  (It was hard to get the goo cleaned off her and she didn’t get fuzzy for a day or two after hatching).  Also, it appears that she does not have the puffy cheeks like Chipper/Blackbeard did (see these posts), so I’m thinking that perhaps she does not have the blue egg gene.  I guess only time will tell on that one.  She seems healthy enough otherwise.  She has settled in (after her first initial shock of “what are those things invading my pen” to snuggle happily with the silkies who are all a bit smaller than her.  I think it is likely a good thing that she’s a bit bigger because she gets picked on less that way.