Settled in…. a bit!!

This weekend, the weather was sunny and the temperature warm, so I got things together and built 2 garden beds and put all my plants in for the winter.  I also got the chicken pen (manure) cleaned out… fresh straw and new perches and ready for a winter indoors.  (I will try to get them outside as much as possible… it will likely involve throwing some straw down on top of the snow… they do not like walking in the snow!!)

I read recently that fall is the time to plant garlic.  So the second box has garlic planted in the end opposite the trees.  The straw covering the plants is from the chicken pen.   Fairly dry stuff….  hopefully it won’t burn things too much.

The pond is also settled for the winter.  I have a heater/deicer in the middle, so hopefully it won’t freeze solid… at least enough open water for the fish to survive.  It made it through last winter so hopefully it should be OK.  Once the snow comes I will pack it in around it for some protection.  But I’m not sure how well the snow will last here in Alberta.



I also got the yard cleaned up, all the extra wood piled neatly beside the chicken palace and extraneous stuff (lying around) moved into the barn.  All ready for the snow to fly!!


The chickens have pretty much stopped laying.  They are moulting (feathers have been everywhere for about 2 months now) and are starting to look better again.  (They were a bit feather pecked after their journey west).   We get one egg about every second day now.  I don’t know how soon they will start laying again…. I guess time will tell.  (Store bought eggs are comparatively anemic….. can’t wait until I have fresh eggs again).

We contemplated moving down the road recently (rent was significantly cheaper) but it hasn’t worked out, so we are here for now.  Difficult to even consider homesteading when you don’t feel very settled.  I guess we will see what spring brings.  For now, we are here and settled in for the winter.