So apparently, this is a much sought after thing…. and I have ended up with 2.  Here’s the chart.

My original chickens are Easter Eggers and Barnevelders (they’re the brown egg producers).   My rooster is the Barnevelder.  To be honest, when those eggs hatched (and as the chicks matured) I was hoping that Buffy (the little yellow chick) would be an olive egger.  Alas, she ended up with a single comb and is a brown (almost pinkish) egg layer.  Must be whatever genetics are from the other side (don’t know with Easter Eggers unless you have bred them yourself).  Anyways… I was very surprised in mid-January to find an olive egg in the nest box.  Here are a picture of the four new hens.  Buffy is the lighter one.  Of the three dark ones, one lays nice brown speckled eggs (she must be pure barnevelder) and the other two lay olive eggs of two different shades.  So I have quite a mix in the egg basket.

The new hens

Here’s what my egg basket looks like this morning.

And I think we’re getting ahead far/fast enough that I won’t need to buy any more eggs.  We’re up to four a day. Yeah!!!

Oh, and the new roo….. Blackbeard. (He was Chipper ~ the one with the little white puffy cheeks).  Hasn’t fathered any chicks yet and everyone is happily coexisting.   (I don’t know which hen is his mother?  But it’s one of the Easter Eggers.