New Chicks

So here is Edelweiss with her new chicks. The ones here are 1. Buffy (first hatched on Tuesday Aug 3) on the top 2. Chipper (hatched Thurs Aug 6) below “Mom’s” head and 3. Teardrop (hatched Wed Aug 5) scratching at the front. There are six altogether. I “think” 3 are from Easter Egger mom’s and 3 are Barnevelders. Five eggs were thrown out “after the fact”. I think one might have hatched if she’d sat a bit longer (but I was too squeemish to open it and see). The other four shook liquid, so I know they weren’t developed. Here are some individual pics of the six chicks. 1. Buffy (Aug 3) 2. Slash (Aug 4) 3. Teardrop (Aug 4)  4. Chipper (Aug 5)  5.Spritz (Aug 5) and 6. Pingu (Aug 6).