Mayday ~ Thoughts and Reflections

So…. with the loss of my job one week ago today, homesteading has come to a crashing halt.   I think we will need to move in order for me to get a new job.   So… do I build up the pond?  Or do I tear it down?   Do I spread my plants around and make up gardens or do I put everything back into pots and take apart the gardens?   Yikes!!!

It happened just before I got chickens!!! Just before.    So… I guess I take down the fences (no llamas yet) and just wait.  It is hard to wait when spring is here and the sun is shining and the weather warm.

There is still lots to do outside to clean up… gardens to be emptied and weeded and then replanted.  (Yes they are to the stage where they need to be emptied in order to get all the weeds out).   So… I guess I will just take it one day at a time.  Perhaps one day my dream of homesteading will be realized.